IT Specialist

Cairo, Egypt

Skilles (job specific technical skills and behavioral competencies needed)

• Solid knowledge of email systems, Microsoft Windows and Office.

• Experience with major brands and vendors of technology hardware and business applications.

• Troubleshooting skills for desktops, laptops, mobile PDAs, printers and servers.

• Understanding of telephony and video teleconferencing (analog and IP systems), networking concepts Active and Passive (including wireless) and related troubleshooting process.

• Expertise in networking and connectivity protocols.

• Expertise in dealing with SharePoint system and remote support tools.

• Demonstrate a high level of expertise and professionalism.

• Outstanding interpersonal, time management and customer service skills.

• Demonstrate promptness and professionalism with telephone and email communication.

• Excellent verbal communication skills to assist users with varied levels of technical knowledge.

• Strong written communication skills to create proper documentation and written instructions to users.

• Excellent interpersonal skills to perform duties in a team-oriented environment and to work with employees at all locations.

• Knowledge of IT vendor procurement processes

• Demonstrated proficiency in basic problem solving.

• Ability to independently assess and effectively respond to users' requests.

• Self-starter, self-motivated

• Initiative driven, team player

• Excellent customer orientation and support

• Flexible approach to working hours

• Adaptable to change

• Ability to work under pressure

• Ability to make decisions and handle multiple issues simultaneously.

• Ability to solve incidents where no available precedent, guidelines, or policies exist by drawing upon experience, research, input from peers, and other means.

Minimum Qualifications/education and experience

• University Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering

• A minimum of 1-3  years

• MCSE Certification

• Preferred ITIL certified

• Preferred CCNA certified